Taking on the emotions of everything around you allows you to be in touch with more than just your own response to things. It allows for empathy and perhaps even forgiveness. Why do so many go through life with blinders on to the energy people give off? Why do they create bubbles around themselves, alienating people from their lives? Is it the time factor? Too many things to do and not giving space in their day to breathe while they are accomplishing their tasks. We must fold in the moments of awareness around the must do things. Fold the awareness in like the stiff peaks of the eggs you have just beaten to a light and fluffy white pile. Be gentle with your spiritual self and handle it with care. Give it space throughout the day so it can get folded in gently, not jammed in between required actions.  The gentle folding should include a few breaths before to keep the lightness.  Like little marks of punctuation… a comma here and a period there… these breaths should allow a pause in the fast forward of life.  Imagine if we wrote a paragraph, even an entire chapter of a book, without punctuation. You would be exhausted trying to read it.  I believe it is no different when traveling through a day.  Breathe. Pause. Look. Listen.   You can even take a longer pause…..  see what I did there?

Michelle Bloch