In the silence of the predawn hour, before the birds wake and their chatter becomes the day’s ambient noise, the lions’ distant roar, and the coyotes’ howl break through the blackness of the new moon’s night. Listening to these animals provokes a thought that there are people who come into our lives that break through the silent pitch with their voice.  Their message resonates deeply, the way the coyote’s voice hits the deep instinctual place in the gut that impels one to howl along.  These people are often unaware of the impact of their words and how it alters our thought patterns and ultimately our path through life because when our trajectory changes we are gifted with an awareness that keeps our eyes open, our ears pricked, our antennae up. The beauty of this awareness is that once we turn it on magical things take place. Curiosity happens. Growth happens. And if we allow it, the snowball effect ensues. We are suddenly rolling down an unexplored road with the windows open taking everything in with all our senses. But this entire journey, this process of change, could never happen without that initial voice breaking through the blackness and more importantly, without the listener truly listening. Because if the message isn’t heard and digested it falls and fades like the last notes of music or the final howl of the coyote, drifting through the trees and then fading into the blackness.


Michelle Bloch