What I Do

I am a juggler of many things.

I have been a freelance writer since graduating Muhlenberg College (Allentown, PA)  in 1992. My full-time internship with a national weekly equestrian magazine “The Chronicle of the Horse” taught me that it was possible to combine two passions and for me those are writing and horses.  That internship in 1991 was the turning point of the game.  It proved to me I did not want to spend my days in an office. Since then, with laptop and a camera, I have created words and images for equestrian publications, crafting profiles and horsemanship pieces, as well as horse care articles and book reviews. I traveled across the country covering equestrian events… which also fed my need to travel. In addition to writing horse-related topics I also was able to write for a few New Jersey publications crafting stories about dog sledding and fly fishing and anything I else I could research my way into becoming an expert.

After marriage and a child, I curtailed my travel and began to focus on media relations for equestrian events and began to explore graphic design. That expansion ignited a desire to marry my words and images, and now provides me with another outlet for my creativity. With this step into the design world, I came to realize that what I love most is turning words into images and images into words. They are always interconnected, or at least in my mind they always should be.

In addition to my writing life and designing world, I also take care of my four horses, give riding lessons, and bake far more than I should eat.


My Mission

Whether I am writing, creating photographs or designing, my mission is to always capture the true essence of my subject.  It doesn't matter if my outlet is a pen, a computer or a camera, capturing the truth is paramount.