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On Writing

Good writing requires time to taste. It begs for fine china and grandmother’s silver and low lighting and most importantly, time - time to read and taste the flavor and to feel the texture of each word.  Most written works these days can be read while waiting for the light to change or for the receptionist to call your name.  Most works are flavorless, like a meal at a restaurant more known for it’s ocean view or it’s grand ballroom with crystal chandeliers.  Have you ever noticed how so many wedding receptions offer guests lackluster food?

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Giving Birth

I have a plant on my counter and it has taught me about life and art and inspiration. I know, it sounds crazy. It’s just a plant.  About a year ago I rescued this fine plant from Lowes. It was in the dollar section.  Did you know there is a dollar section?  I like to visit that lonely corner and rescue plants no one would otherwise purchase.  The pot in which it currently resides was 10x the cost of the plant.  What can I say, I like to give them a good home.  I have watered my plant (fairly) consistently, so it thrives (for the most part). 

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