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On Writing

Good writing requires time to taste. It begs for fine china and grandmother’s silver and low lighting and most importantly, time - time to read and taste the flavor and to feel the texture of each word.  Most written works these days can be read while waiting for the light to change or for the receptionist to call your name.  Most works are flavorless, like a meal at a restaurant more known for it’s ocean view or it’s grand ballroom with crystal chandeliers.  Have you ever noticed how so many wedding receptions offer guests lackluster food?

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In today’s world, you are able to surround yourself with whatever you desire. Topics that required great effort to be exposed to twenty years ago have become nearly effortless to experience on a daily basis.  We can thank social media for delivering this right to our palms. Although it can be seen as a distraction...a constant distraction…there is an underlying positive element tangled up in the onslaught of words and images. 

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A Piece of My Friend

I got a piece of my friend today. It came in the mail disguised as a book of poetry with her name on the cover. When it arrived, I ripped open the envelope with excitement. I jumped in, right into the center, like jumping off a rock into a deep pool of water.  It was probably the wrong way to begin.   I’m guessing the order of the poems was painstakingly chosen. In any creative work you give birth to, every particle of the thing matters.  But I jumped in.

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